Sunday, June 22, 2014

Life Hurts Love Anyway

It's in the tilt of your head
The straight forward way you have of looking eye to eye
The slight lift of your chin as the smile plays across your lips but never touches your heart
The way you square your shoulders, the graceful carriage in your steps

Who would know?
Who can tell?

I have watched you this year.

Scared, battered, abused, betrayed -

I see you hide behind a facade of bravery -

I can't help for there will always be those people that will lie for their own gain and as a result you will hurt - I am sorry - I love you so much - I weep for your pain -

You will become an amazing women but to do so you must keep your heart open -

Welcome new friends, while some will bring pain some will bring love and without love we are nothing.

Life will hurt - It has hurt this year until I wonder that I can still breath but I have decided I will Love anyway!

Life Hurts - Love Anyway